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Radar Reminder™

South Australian Country & Adelaide Metro
Speed Camera proximity notification reminders.

Timely x Locality = Just before you enter the published location proximity!

Every day get the new Daily published locations direct to you
when YOU are driving near a Speed Camera Location proximity.

And (soon) will also connect to your iOS & Android Smartwatch!

Free to download with limited functionality.
Fully featured for just AU$7.00 per Month or Annual payment of just AU$66.00

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Radar Reminder v2.0 ~ iOS

Radar Reminder v2.0 ~ Android

What's Awesome About Radar Reminder™ ?

Just To Name A Few Reasons.....

SpeedoMinder ~ Speed checking co-pilot

Bluetooth connected ~ Speed checking co-pilot ~ 'buzzer' device
on your accelerator pedal!
Speedo Minder™ has been designed fully pre-set
and configured straight out the box.

Drive Safe

Stay safe and stay alert to creeping over the legal Speed limit.
The GPS in your Smartphone is not a substitute for your attention to the posted road-side Speed limit signs.
The GPS requires open sky access and a good signal.
For SpeedoMinder™ to work you must allow the app access to the GPS device in your Smartphone.

Run in Background

Users can Enable/Disable the app to run in the background.
This is ideal for when you're running your music or a hands-free kit through the phone.

Vibration Alert

Users can Enable/Disable the phone vibrating feature.

Volume Control

Use the + and - buttons to vary the volume of the Alert Tones.

Kmh or Mph

Users can toggle for either Kmh or Mph.

Repeat Alert Frequency - default at 5s

This feature allows the user to choose the maximum 'frequency'of Alerts during any given period of time.
The range is 1 to 30 seconds.
Default is 5 seconds. i.e. only 1 Alert per 5 seconds.

Disable Alerts with 'Time-out'

Tapping the 'speaker icon' will temporarily silence the alerts for a
set time of 30 seconds.
Alert notifications will 'resume'
at the end of the 30 second count-down.


Over-Speed magnitude can be toggled up and down from +1 to +9 Kmh/Mph.



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